Introduction for Treasurers

Membership fees sent from local councils to NCRA ($10 per person) pass from the local council’s chairperson for Membership to the Treasurer who keeps records and maintains the bank account. Treasurers for local councils offer brief financial reports at every council meeting and, along with the council president or other designated person,  sign council checks. The same person may serve as both Membership chairperson and Treasurer  for a local council. IRA and NCRA recommend two signatures on every check written on behalf of local reading councils and the state organization (NCRA). NCRA’s Treasurer offers financial reports at meetings of the Executive Committee and the Board of Directors.

The state treasurer works with NCRA’s Executive Committee to prepare the budget and track expenses and works with NCRA’s auditor to prepare an annual audit for submission to IRS. Every local council completes and submits a 990N (e-card) to IRS each year by October 15 to maintain its non-profit status. Treasurers provide the council presidents with confirmation that the 990N reports have been filed on behalf of specific councils.

Reimbursement forms below apply to NCRA and should be submitted to Ken Sheldon, state treasurer, in person, by email ( or mail (Ken Sheldon, 183 Emory Mitchell Road, Zionville, NC 28698). Local councils are advised to develop their own reimbursement forms.

“How tos” for treasurers

Reimbursement Form (options)

  1. Expense form (WORD)
  2. Expense form (PDF)