Computer and Email tips

Computer and Email Tips from Mary Jo Floyd, Membership Director

  • Membership lists from 2013-2014 will be emailed to you on request.  You can edit and use the list, or you can use the same format and begin a new list for the 2015-2016 year.
  • Use this format:
Last Name First, MI Address City, State Zip Code Email address New Student IRA ##
Doe Sue E. 123 Rd Av, NC 22222 X ##
Doe Ron E. 6th Ave Zz, NC 22228 X


  • Please insert a column for your council before each member’s last name.
  • Use only a Microsoft Excel file.
  • If you have last year’s list, you may be able to delete and add members and not have to redo the whole database.  Please make sure to use the same format provided above. To make the task easier and the resulting list accurate, keep a copy of your last year’s list and save any changes under a new name.  For example your last year’s list is named:  Seaside Membership 12-13.  Your new membership list for this year might be, Seaside Membership 13-14
  • Names do not need to be placed in alphabetical order.  You can use the SORT found under DATA; just ask for training on how to organize under DATA: or 919-662-8487 after 5:00.
  • Please proof your list for duplicates and provide all information!
  • When emailing your list to me, be sure to clearly show your council and date by placing your council’s name and the date in the Subject line: SeasideMembership09-30-13 or SeasideMembership10-30-13, etc.
  • Please also name your FILE clearly to show your council and date.  For example, Seaside Membership-September13 or Seaside Membership-October13, etc.
  • Meet deadlines for sending lists of members and dues, $10 per member.  Lists and checks should be sent to Mary Jo Floyd at the end of each month (September 30, October 31, November 30, etc.).
  • Thanks for proofing your list, particularly email addresses, so that no one fails to receive NCRA’s news!  Questions? Please email or call: Mary Jo Floyd, or (919) 662-8487 after 5:00.

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