Download Conference Presentations

Dr. Jackie Palka – “Pairing Children’s Books with Engaging Strategies”

Lara Randby – “Academic Language Development: Access for All”

Deena Aglialoro, Megan Caulder, Melissa McGeehan, and Amy Whitten – “Transitioning from Traditional Literacy to Digital Literacy in the K-12 Classroom”

Gay Ivey – “Reframing Student-Selected Reading”

Rusty May – “Behavior Must Be Taught To Empower Every Student”

Dr. Kim Creamer – “Engaging all in Vocabulary, Discourse, and Thinking”

Erin Kessel – “The Global Read Aloud – Connecting the World Through Literature”

Whitney Grady – “Trilogy Teaches Love of Books” (Discussion Questions, Curriculum Guide, Updated Guide)

Katherine Beauchat & Katrin Blamey- “Word Walk Vocabulary Strategy” (Slides, Supporting Material)

Jim Utterback – “Minimize Misbehavior: Improve All Students’ Focus” (Diffusers, Advice from other teachers)

Erin McClure – “Putting the Interaction in Interactive Read Alouds”

Julie Taylor – “Next Steps for Struggling Readers” & “Oh, Snap! You CAN Close the Achievement Gap!”

Margaret Cuthbertson & Shannon Lawrence – “Creative iPad Apps”

Margaret Cuthbertson & Shannon Lawrence – “Integrating Technology Digital Handouts”

Mary Anne Allen – “Sticky Vocabulary”

Mitzi Sheppard – “Read Think Write” (Don’t Need Friends KTwo bobbies, Swimmy, Bringing the rain to kapiti plain)

Christina Garner-Hachen, Ansley Putman, Codi Kent, Katelyn Reed – “Graphic Organizers in the K-5 Classroom”

Karen Lambert – “Decoding Webs: A Simple Idea with Amazing Results”

Katie Garner – “Hacking the Brain for Easy Phonics Skill Access”

Sarah Woodard & Lorraine Griffith – “Teach More Meaningful English”

Christine Leo & Pamela Moore – “Veteran Reading Teachers to the Rescue”