Celebrate Literacy Award Recipient

James B. Hunt Celebrate Literacy Award Recipient

It is with great pleasure that the NCRA Celebrate Literacy Committee announces the winner of the James B. Hunt, Jr. Celebrate Literacy Award to the Cape Fear Literacy Council and their contact person is Yasmin Tomkinson, the Interim Executive Director. This year’s recipient was nominated by the New Hanover Reading Council.

The Cape Fear Literacy Council’s mission is: To provide individualized literacy services so that adults and their families in the Cape Fear region can meet their goals and develop their potential. With their efforts, over 502 adult learners were served in 2013-14 and many high percentage outcomes were achieved as a result of the instruction provided.

One of the statistics provided by the CFLC was that 98% of the adult learners with child-related goals achieved their goal. The Cape Fear Literacy Council leaders believe that “One of the most important benefits of adult literacy instruction is the effect on the next generation. Research provides evidence that each time we help a parent/grandparent read, a ripple effect begins. For example, the greatest determinate of children’s future academic success is the mother’s reading skill, outweighing other factors, such as neighborhoods and family income” (National Institutes for Health, 2010).

We congratulate the Cape Fear Literacy Council and celebrate with them their outstanding work, promoting literacy in the Cape Fear area.

Cassandra Graves, chairperson of the Celebrate Literacy Committee, recognized Jan Frantz and Read and Feed project at the 2014 reading conference.

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