Mission and Goals

North Carolina Reading Association’s Mission and Goals

Mission Statement:
The North Carolina Reading Association actively promotes lifelong literacy for all citizens commensurate with each individual’s unique capacity. The organization and its members encourage professional interaction among individuals and organizations involved with literacy to provide resources for exemplary literacy practices and habits.

To support the implementation of educational standards and the mission of the International Literacy Association:


To coordinate the efforts and activities of the local councils by creating and maintaining partnerships to broaden current knowledge in literacy:

  • Report news and information about local councils and the state organization
  • Maintain a website of resources and professional connections
  • Organize and present an annual reading conference
  • Organize leadership meetings for local and state council members
  • Maintain legislative advocacy efforts
  • Support the implementation of the Common Core State Standards and North Carolina’s Essential Standards
  • Support the efforts of local councils in promoting, retaining, and increasing local, state, and international memberships

To promote community and parental involvement in language arts:

  • Implement the Young Author Project
  • Sponsor ‘Teachers as Readers’ projects at local and state levels
  • Encourage reading and a love of books and other texts through innovative teaching methods
  • Strengthen collaborations with literacy partners

To strengthen global connections through projects supported by local councils and through the Caribbean Project, which pays for ILA memberships.
To recognize outstanding literacy efforts in the state through awards offered by ILA:

  • Award of Excellence
  • Exemplary Reading Program Award
  • Honor Council Awards
  • Local Council Community Service Award

To recognize outstanding literacy efforts in the state through awards offered by NCRA and ILA:

  • Celebrate Literacy Award
  • Project Grants
  • Scholarships
  • Young Authors


NCRA Bylaws
NCRA Handbook under review


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