Three More Literacy Blogs to Check Out

By Lois E. Huffman, Ph.D.

Over the past few years, I’ve written about blogs that may be of interest to literacy educators:  “Three ‘Must-Follow’ Literacy Blogs” and “More Literacy-Related Blogs to Follow.” Below are several more blogs I highly recommend. All are written by teachers for teachers.

Reading to the Core

Catherine Flynn, a K-5 literacy specialist with 20 years of classroom experience, is the educator behind this blog. I especially like the reading / writing-related quotations she shares, plus her posts that feature original poems or the works of well-known poets. Even though “JUST ANOTHER WORDPRESS.COM SITE” is in the blog tagline area, the impressive content on Reading to the Core makes it anything but.

blogTwo Writing Teachers

The name of this blog is a bit misleading. Although started by two educators, the site now has 8 co-authors whose work won an Edublog Award for Best Group Blog in 2015. All of the posts, no matter who writes them, offer inspiration and ideas for teaching writing and learning via writing. Some of my favorites are the professional book recommendations, advice on writers notebooks, and ways to use different types of poetry.

A Year of Reading

This blog’s tagline is “TWO TEACHERS WHO READ. A LOT.” The teachers being referred to are Franki Sibberson and Mary Lee Hahn, and they definitely are voracious readers. Besides participating in Poetry Friday Roundups, they offer book reviews and suggestions for using literature, music, video, and play in literacy and content teaching. (In case you’re wondering where you’ve heard Franki’s and Mary Lee’s names, they are both Stenhouse authors.)

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