NCRA January Council “Highlights”

Crystal Coast Reading Council – Balancing Act: Enhancing Literacy with Mobiles and Mobility was funded this year by the SADF in order to improve student focus and kinesthetic integration while synthesizing reading content. Crystal Coast also worked with 8th graders to publish a farm-to-table recipe book based on researched recipes. Way to promote Project Based Literacy Learning CCRC!

Price Reading Council – Added 6 new members boosting membership to 24! Due to positive feedback, council speakers have been invited to various schools to provide professional development. What a great way to spread literacy in the area and showcase the council! Way to go Price!

Triangle Reading Council — Membership is up to 16! Triangle presented a program on the Little Free Library to inform the members about the library location and procedures. Triangle is planning a winter project to pick up used computers and parts for refurbishing and distribution to students. Great way to enhance digital literacy skills, Triangle!

Tar River Reading Council — Tar River participated in a local Christmas parade and passed out bookmarks donated by Scholastic to children along the route in an effort to promote the council and literacy in the community. Tar River took part in a free book distribution by First Book to supply the ECU Pediatric Specialty Care Clinic with patient take-home books. Applications for the Scholarship to give an applicant free registration to the NCRA conference in March are currently being accepted. Tar River met the goal of having at least 50 members for this year with 53 active! Way to promote literacy in the community and boost membership, Tar River! Kudos!