TED Talks: Watch and Learn More about Literacy

By Lois E. Huffman, Ph.D.

On most Saturdays I view one or two TED Talks―my “reward” for doing the weekly chores and errands I don’t particularly enjoy. What a pleasure it is to learn from articulate people who are passionate about sharing their stories, research, and insights. As the folks at TED claim in the footnote to their slogan, it is “[k]nowledge in dangerously addictive short doses.”

Of the many TED Talks I’ve watched over the last several years, here are six that have been especially enlightening or inspiring in my work as a literacy educator:

Books and Reading

Mac Barnett: A good book is like a secret door


Lisa Bu: How books can open your mind

Ron McCallum: How technology allowed me to read

Language and Vocabulary

Kelly Corrigan: More Reading


Erin McKean: The joy of lexicography

John McWorther: Txtng is killing language. JK!!

What are your favorite TED Talks? How do you use TED Talks with your students?  At TEDEd  you can find lessons built around TED-Ed Originals, TED Talks, and YouTube videos.  Go TED!

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