Session Handouts

2015 Reading Conference Session handouts

Tonya Tolson: High School Parent Involvement: Is it Necessary? (6-12)

Tryphina Robinson: Writing to Learn in All Content Areas (click here for handouts)

Joanne Durham: Comprehension and Community Through Poetry

Christine Leo: Read Like A Writer. Be a Writing Thief.

Laura Crowley: The Impact of Conference Cards on Independent Revision & Editing During Kindergarten Writing Workshop (PreK-2)

Jen Jones: Teaching With Urgency Without Teaching to The Test (preK-5), Picture of the Day: Reading Pictures Closely (K-5), If Rosa Parks Could Text: Writing in the Content Areas (K-5)

Jennifer Huber: Engaging 21st Century Learners through Interactive Read Alouds and Grand Conversations (Handout 1, Handout 2)

Paula Barnes Cardinale &  Yvonne De St. Croix: Sweetening the Lemon: Awakening the Literate Mind

Lois Huffman: Motivating Mastery of Morpheme

Lauren Buck Johnson: RIP Sound it Out – What Else Can You Say? (PresentationAnalyzing Strategic Readers, Guided Reading Prompts).