More Literacy-Related Blogs to Follow

By Lois E. Huffman, Ph.D.

Earlier this year I wrote a post on “Three ‘Must-Follow’ Literacy Blogs.” Below are three more blogs I hope you’ll check out.



I’ve been reading Edutopia’s blog for several years and always come away enlightened and inspired by its content. The blog addresses a variety of contemporary education issues and topics. Here is a sampling of recent posts related to literacy:

Be a Reading Rebel! (And Model Reading for Fun for Your Students)

Dyslexia in the General Education Classroom

Start a Reading Revolution: Flip Your Classroom with Blogs

Literacy Lines

This new blog “focuses on best practices for teaching reading and writing to students of all ages. Posts are by Keys to Literacy staff and guest educators. Topics include new resources, instructional tips, latest research, and stories from the field.” I especially appreciated the recent post Recount: Is It Relevant?, which examined cognitive and linguistic differences between retelling, recounting, and summarizing.

Page by Page

Many teachers are familiar with the useful resources and articles available at Reading Rockets. Probably less well known is the site’s blog which features posts by Maria Salvadore, the Reading Rockets’ consultant on children’s literature. For me, one of this year’s most memorable posts was Participant or witness?  The thesis: Digital storybooks narrated by professional voice-over artists seem to promote passivity while teacher read-alouds which take their cues from children appear to encourage more active engagement with text.

Do you subscribe to any of these blogs?

What other blogs about literacy do you recommend?