Dare to Dream

Dare to Dream…Everyone has dreams, but have you ever taken a risk to achieve your dreams, have you somehow lost the vision of your dream, or were your dreams just not big enough?  Have you ever truly dared to dream?  We all have dreams–dreams of a better life, dreams for our future, dreams for our family, and we even have the occasional nightmare.  The realization of our dreams takes hard, steadfast work.  Achieving our dreams is possible!

We want to know all about your students’ dreams and your dreams!  The NCRA Young Authors theme for 2014-2015 is Dare to Dream.  The entry forms, timeline, rubrics, and guidelines have been updated and are now posted on the NCRA website.  Make sure your local council meets the October 31 deadline of submitting the “Intent to Participate” form.  We are excited about this year’s theme, which is a smooth transition from last year’s Happily Ever After theme.

We urge you to not only enter your students’ writing in this year’s contest, but also encourage you to submit an entry for yourself.  Writing forces you to give words to your thoughts.  It gives permanence to fleeting moments in your life.  It enables you to connect with other people–some that you may never even know.  It allows you to touch other people with the story of your life.   Go ahead…dare to dream and make it happen!  We double-dog dare you!                                                                                      

Sweet Dreams,

Jenni & Sabrina