Summer Reading—Prevent the Summer Slide

Summer reading programs engage children, teens and adults during the summer. Efforts aimed at young people continue their growth and learning while they are out of school.  Local reading councils and their members often support, volunteer to help and/or run summer reading initiatives that address community needs. Do you or your council take part in any summer reading program? Write about it and submit your description for posting on one of the NCRA blogs!

Give Five, Read Five is a book giveaway project promoted by the NC Department of Public Instruction:

NC NIE developed a series, Fuel the Fire!  to promote summer reading:


NC Public Libraries and the Collaborative Summer Library Program

summer slideNorth Carolina participates in the Collaborative Summer Library Program (, Through the collaboration, the State Library of North Carolina provides financial support and local public libraries develop their own approaches. The CSLP manuals provide programming ideas, word searches, crafts and more. Libraries develop activities that use the materials designed for children, teens and adults.

Science, a hot topic in education, is the general theme for the summer reading program in 2014.  Slogans for all age groups connect to the theme: Fizz, Boom, Read (children), Spark a Reaction (teens), and Literary Elements (adults). The materials also identify books on topics related to the theme that can be checked out simply by using a library card.

Lori Special, Youth Services Consultant for the State Library of NC, described the libraries’ collaborative efforts and encouraged schools to tap into the public libraries’ resources all year round but particularly during the summer when schools are not open to students. To support school curricula, public libraries have beefed up nonfiction, called for by current standards. “So much can be done with schools to support students’ learning,” she said.  For example, libraries can report to schools the names of children who have participated in the summer reading program.

Special also talks about fun, “Summer gives children chances to explore whatever interests them, to read for pleasure and become familiar with something news or different.” Part of the fun is receiving rewards for their reading. Students can register in person or online, set their own goals and receive commendations for their progress. North Carolina’s library program has set 15 minutes a day, five days a week for eight weeks as the minimum. After registering, readers can go online and record what they read and how much time they spend.

What’s coming to public libraries in coming years?  In 2015, the theme is heroes. Slogans: Every hero has a story. (children). Unmasked (teens). Escape the Ordinary. (adults).

The 2016 theme is Sports/ Health/ Wellness. Slogans: On your Mark, Get Set, Read (children). Get into the Game, Read (teens) and Exercise your Mind, Read (adults).

Across NC, public libraries will be offering summer reading programs.

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