Viva Vocabulary! Goodies at a Glance

By Lois E. Huffman, Ph.D.

For the past three years, I have been submitting vocabulary items for the NC Reading Association Newsletter and the NCRA UPDATE: NEWS BLOG. These articles and posts have focused on different word genres and included lots of instructional activities and resources. The teaching ideas, which target different grade levels, can be implemented with an entire class, as small-group enrichment, or as independent work for students who finish early.

In case you are new to the NC Reading Association or just looking for ways to promote word consciousness in your classroom, check out the linked articles and posts below. To be notified by email of future vocabulary (and other) posts on UPDATE: NEWS BLOG, subscribe at


Word Genre/s Viva Vocabulary! Article / Post Date of Publication
Acronyms, Aptonyms, Backronyms, and Demonyms


Jack and Jill Can Be Even More Nym-ble: Part One of Three February 2014
Homonyms (Homophones and Homographs), Capitonyms, Fractonyms, Heteronyms, Oronyms, and Mondegreens


What About Homonyms and Their Cousins? December 2013
Antonyms, Contranyms, Merisms, and Oxymorons


Opposites Attract Students September 2013
Synonyms, Regionalisms, and Euphemisms


Synonym Power June 2013
Regionalisms in American English


Different Name, Same Thing: Regional Vocabulary in American English April 2013
Portmanteau (Blended) Words


Portmanteaus to Pack into Speech and Print Summer 2012
Trade Names Used as Everyday Names


Über-branding: Hijacked Trade Names January 2012
Euphemisms, Orthophemisms, and Dysphemisms


Euphemisms: Putting a Different Spin on It October 2011
Clipped Words


Clipped Words for Our Crazy-Busy Lives May / June 2011
Neologisms (new words) and Technology Terms


English is E-volving! January 2011
Neologisms, Euphemisms, and Portmanteau (Blended) Words Terminology for Tough Economic Times December 2010