Three “Must-Follow” Literacy Blogs


By Lois Huffman, Ph.D.

You’re reading this so my guess is you read blogs. I follow a LOT of education blogs. Below are several which include research findings that are relevant to our work in promoting literacy and lifelong learning.

Literacy Beat

This blog is devoted to sharing “ideas, tools, resources and strategies for integrating technology, media, and Web 2.0 into [literacy] teaching and learning.” The blog has five authors who take turns posting: Bridget Dalton (International Reading Association (IRA) conference presenter), Jill Castek (IRA workshop presenter), Bernadette Dwyer (current member of IRA Board of Directors), Dana Grisham (2013 Winner of IRA Computers in Reading Research Award), and Thomas DeVere Wolsey (IRA institute presenter). All of the authors teach and /or research in the area of digital literacies in schools and teacher education. I always learn something from their posts. 

Shanahan on Literacy

Tim Shanahan (Past President of IRA, Co-Chair of National Literacy Panel for Language Minority Children and Youth, Member of National Reading Panel, Chair of Early Literacy Panel, Member of ELA Common Core State Standards Work Team) provides information on teaching and assessing reading and writing. His recent posts and presentations have focused on close reading, text complexity, disciplinary literacy, and other important aspects of the Common Core State Standards. Although the content is rich, be forewarned that this is a bare bones blog. (I’ll take substance over beauty any day.)


This is Susan Ebbers’ (Author of Jamie’s Journey: The Savannah, Power Readers, and Vocabulary Through Morphemes) award-winning, research-based blog on morphological awareness and vocabulary growth. One of her recent posts was titled “’Mindful Zen of Morphology, Revisited.” Guest authors have included Donald Bear, Andrew Biemiller, Doug Fisher, Nancy Frey, Michael Graves, Marcia Henry, P. David Pearson, and Tim Rasinski. I subscribe to this blog via email and get excited whenever I receive notification of a new post. What can I say―I’m a word nerd.

What are your favorite literacy-related blogs (besides NCRA’s Reading Corps)?