2013 Institutes

2013 Institutes

3-Hour Institutes, 12:30pm – 3:30pm

 1A. Solving Real-Life Community Problems (Problem-based Learning): Build 21st Century/common core skills as students identify and solve real-life problems in your school or community. This institute brings civic responsibility, community involvement and performance-based assessment to life! Sample projects, a “First-Timer’s Guide” and an on-line student project will guide you through the process. Your kids CAN make a difference! Presenter: Carol Paola, Executive Director Mississippi Association for Gifted Children/Center for Civic Education; consultant. (Grades 5-8)

2A. Adolescent Literacy & Common Core – Best Practices Meet the CCSS Standards in Reading: In this hands-on workshop, Dr. Robb discusses the importance of creativity and thinking outside-the-box in dealing with Common Core State Standards. She will discuss and compare suggested reading from the Common Core to needs and literary tastes of 21st century students and introduce a themed informational text unit with a concept map that builds students’ vocabulary and teaches denotative and connotative meanings. She’ll model these CCSS Anchor Reading Standards: making logical inferences, determining big ideas/central idea, understanding how text structure can improve comprehension. Learn how to apply the rule of common sense when implementing standards and hear the story of Brockton High School and how teachers and administrators transformed a large failing school into a highly successful school with excellent test scores. Presenter: Laura Robb, national speaker & consultant. (Grades 6-12) SPONSORED BY SCHOLASTIC

3A. Our Girls Are in Trouble, Too: What Teachers Need to Know About Girls and Reading. Although girls are still doing better than boys on standardized reading tests, girls are bombarded with messages that devalue their intellect and limit their literacy development. In this highly interactive session, we will explore books and teaching strategies that encourage girls at all grade levels to embrace their intelligence and enjoy reading. Participants will receive lists of print & digital resources to inspire girls to read in and out of school. Presenters: Dr. Lois Huffman, Roz Moffitt. (All grades)

 4A. Strategies to Engage Struggling and Not-So Struggling Students: Research indicates that when students are engaged in the learning process, learning sticks. Students who have low comprehension levels need more work on monitoring their understanding. This fast paced workshop keeps participants engaged creating sample activities to take back and implement in the classroom. You’ll learn how to reinforce instruction with active learning strategies while addressing standards and exciting students with “hands-on” and “minds-on” activities. Presenter: Jane Feber, award-winning career teacher, consultant. (Grades 4-12) 

Museum Institutes, 12:15 – 3:15

(class time; allow extra time for travel to museums)

5A. 3-Hour Institute at the North Carolina Museum of Art: Reading Art: Using Works of Art to Teach Effective Reading Skills Aligned to Core Standards for English Language Arts. (free transportation provided to and from the Art Museum) Presenters: Museum educators. (Grades K–5). Limited to 30 participants.

6A. 3-Hour Institute with Allan Wolf includes tour of the Titanic Exhibit at the NC Museum of Natural Sciences: The Titanic: A Historic and Human Story: Who sailed on the Titanic and what remains? Presenter: Allan Wolf, NC poet and novelist, lends voice to 24 (and the iceberg itself) who sailed on the Titanic. He presents their gripping stories written in verse, in an interactive session. Walk to the NC Museum of Natural Sciences to view artifacts featured in the Titanic exhibit as part of this institute (extra $10 charge for Titanic exhibit ticket). Limited to 75 participants.

2-hour Institutes, 4:00–6:00

1B. Using Graphic Organizers to Create Common Core Mini Lessons: Learn new strategies for using graphic organizers to create informational text and literature mini-lessons. Participants will explore how to select the right graphic organizer and text to teach a specific standard. Presenter: Laura Candler, teacher & author. (Grades 3-5)

2B. Common Core State Standards and Writing: What North Carolina Teachers Need to Know. This session will get you “Moving to Edit” and involve you in other practical hands-on activities to help you align you classroom writing lessons to Common Core State Standards. Get down to the nitty gritty regarding implementation of writing as well as speaking and listening in your classroom. Handouts and evidence-based activities. Presenter: Dr. Richard Gentry. (Grades K-6)

 3B. Fifty Shades of the Common Core? Most of It Is Actually Very Clear: Do you struggle with the question, “How should teaching and learning in my classroom look and sound different?” If so, this session is for you. Whether you’re a teacher or an administrator, there ARE instructional moves we can replace to get on with teaching the Common Core way. Presenter: Jennifer Jones, Instructional teacher leader. (Grades K-5)

4B. Engaging Your Students by Publishing their Work (in print or e-format): Speakers will share specifics on how to publish student work and talk about the effects of publishing on the morale of upper elementary through high school students. Will include information about publishing individual student work as well as publishing Young Authors books or other books with students’ writings. Presenters: Stuart Albright, Jordan High School creative writing teacher, Karyn Gloden, Language Arts teacher & former ELA supervisor CHCCS & WCPSS. (Grades 4-12)

5B. “Read-Aloud: A Learning Gold Mine: Reclaim rich learning opportunities in read-alouds. Experience gems of cross-content ideas involving fiction and non-fiction text. Come did into graphic novels, “choose your own ending” books and picture books for older students. See how Common Core and read-alouds connect. Bibliography and handouts provided. Presenter: Susan Styrons, retired teacher. (Grades 3-8)

6B. Easy and Innovative Tools for Language Arts Instruction: Implementing free and fun technology for beginners. This institute is designed for teachers who want to implement technology in the classroom, but are unsure how to take the first steps. This session will be facilitated by middle school teachers familiar with the great advantages technology can bring to your classroom, but aware of the problems and pitfalls we face trying to make these tools work effectively for our students. We will explore a variety of Web 2.0 tools, blogs, wikis, podcasting, audio and video book trailers, and developing and managing ePortfolios. Participants will get hands on experience using accessible video tools like photostory, moviemaker and imovie to create book trailers. In addition, we will have time to explore and learn about tools such as Animoto, GlogsterEdu, StoryBird for Teachers, KerPoof Scholastic, Prezi, Museum Box, Scholastic Story Starter, Wordle, Blabberize, FlickrPoet, GoAnimate 4 Schools, Google Earth Lit Trips, Popplet, and Voki. Presenters: Tom House & Russell Thompson, 6th grade teachers, North Windy Ridge Intermediate School, Weaverville, NC. (Grades 4-8)